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On april 27, 2016, Posted by , In Development Blog, With No Comments

Although its kingsday here in the Netherlands, gamedevelopment goes on. Some awesome stuff came together yesterday and today. The world is starting to take more shape and the foundations of the mix-and-match puzzles have been lain.

Here is a little extra information about the gameplay in Woven.  We are very happy with the art style and have shown you lots of it, but you must of course be curious as to what the gameplay itself is about. What will you be doing as you wander through our knitted hills?
In Woven, you will face a lot of obstacles and rough terrain, and sometimes, Stuffy’s heavy elephant feet or clumsy arms won’t help you.
You will have to find blueprints of different animal shapes, and adapt stuffy so he can overcome the obstacles.
Finding and combining the right blueprints is a lot of what the gameplay in Woven is about.

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