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The name of your (Indie) Game

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What’s in a name? Quite a lot we found out.
Picking the perfect name for Woven was quite the challenge. There is so much you want to say in the name of the game. There are a few things you have to bear in mind:

* It needs to be original.
Making your game sound like a carbon copy of something else communicates exactly that; that your game is just another clone in a sea of similarity.

*It needs to be memorable.
If you want people to tell their friends, you need to give them a name they remember. Go for elegance, a single worded name, or go for outrageous; like the greatly named: Ridiculus Fishing by Vlambeer.

* It needs a connection to your game.
“McAwesomeSauce and the FrazzlePants” is both memorable and original, but if this is a game about feeding farm animals, you’re probably pretty off. Write down the vocabulary of your game, of the feel and general themes, look at synonyms or look at what rhymes if you have too. Bake your game into its name.

* You need to be able to find it on Google!
As Steven Long pointed out in his blog, if Google can’t find your game by your name, your audience won’t either. Word-of-mouth is nice and will bring you a long way. But remember; Google has both the bigger mouth and owns all the words, so pay attention to how Google would treat your name. Google your optional name game a couple of times, see what happens and draw your conclusions.

* It needs to be right.
As soon as you hear it, it needs to connect with something within you. Ignore all the advice people give you and pick the name that feels right for you, the creator.

And many went before it before it became Woven.
Here are some examples:
Entwine: The adventure of Stuffy and Glitch
World of Wool
Cotton & Cogs
The Incredible Adventure of Scraps and Cotton
Woven: The Game without Steampunk Spiders

But finally, we simply went with:


Due to it being a word by itself, you will won’t find www.WovenTheGame.com by Googling “woven”. It does however connect to a lot of stuff in the game, and to one of the major themes.
In the end, it was the one that felt right for the whole team.

Thank you for reading.


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