Woven got Greenlit: But what is Steam Greenlight?

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Woven got Greenlit: But what is Steam Greenlight?

On juni 24, 2016, Posted by , In Development Blog, With No Comments

We received questions about what Steam Greenlight is, why it is important, and whether ‘through Greenlight in a week’ is normal.

So here we provide a quick answer.

Steam: A major online platform that allows independent developers like us make our game available for sale without dealing with distribution/publishing/local-store partners. It’s the new way to buy your games digitally.


Steam Greenlight: But not everybody can just publish their game on Steam. The community has to decide whether they think the game is worthy, whether they would want to buy the game. This is called Steam Greenlight. When you are through, you are ‘Greenlit’, can fill in the paperwork, and get your game on steam.


Steam Keys: If we give out a ‘Steam Key’ of the game or a part of the game to a Youtuber/Reviewer/Twitcher, they could activate that key, and play the game. This makes our game very accessible to third parties and allows us to show the game to a lot of people and help them make footage/content about Woven. Very important.


Greenlit in a week: A major part of the Steam Greenlight projects never sees the (green)light of day; they don’t pass on. The small percentage that does often takes a month, sometimes two to get through. Being Greenlit in a week happens, as it did with us, but it is rather special. It takes a lot of people seeing your page, and the majority voting positively. What you need exactly to get Greenlight varies strongly, and nobody really knows. Suspicions are that projects with ‘good statistics’ get prompted to Steam staff that then handpick the projects that should be on Steam.


A small step for Stuffy, but a very big step for our two studios.

You can still check out the Steam campaign here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=704029912
You can’t vote anymore, because we are already through, but you can still ‘follow’ or ‘favorite’ the project to make sure Steam gives you all our updates.

Did any of our posts prompt more questions? Never hesitate to ask them, as we are here for you!



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