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Woven Kickstarter coming soon, what to expect.

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Soon Kickstarter will be here. Why do we do a crowdfunding campaign?
We’re a small independent developer with a lots of creative ideas. We get by well enough, but don’t have the budget to make a game purely of our own creation. By crowdfunding we get the freedom to work on Woven, which would otherwise not see the light of day. We think that Woven, deserves to made, loved and played.
If there are enough people that think so, the project can get funded, and we’ll be able to create Woven.


Kickstarter. This is what you can expect:

-We’ll announce as soon as it is live via Facebook, twitter and our Newsletter. Somewhere early September.
– From that moment on, everyone can download and play the demo via Steam (There will be minimum system requirements of course)
– Everyone can pledge; if we don’t reach our funding goal, you won’t be charged.
– Backers get rewards like: the game, digitally, in a boxed set, or with a Stuffy Stuffed animal of your own!
– The higher you pledge, the more awesome your reward tier looks like.
– During the entire month we’ll be writing and posting ‘updates’; blogs that show the ins and outs of Woven
– There are ‘early bird’ tiers. Early backers can get the rewards at a lower pledge. So best be quick!
– Very unfamilliar with all these kickstarter terms? Here is a short list of frequently answered Questions by kickstarter:  https://www.kickstarter.com/help/faq/kickstarter+basics


Want to help out? Here is what you can do:

-If you plan on pledging, the earlier in the campaign you pledge, the better it is for our campaign.
– Can’t pledge? Please spread the word! Seriously, we can’t do this alone!
– Share our messages on Facebook/twitter/etc
– Comment on the messages we send out on facebook or twitter. Comments help us get found by other backers. The more people that comment; the better.

If you want to help us out even further;  you can write us a mail at info@woventhegame.com named ‘Ambassador of Woven’.


Are you without a Credit Card? 
Kickstarter only allows for Credit Card payment. If you are from Europe, chances are you don’t have a credit card.

These are alternatives you can use:

-Easiest is to ask your friends and family that do have a credit card to pledge for you or have them “double pledge” if they have already pledged.
-Another option is to buy a one-time prepaid credit card.
Visa prepaid cards(international) and V3(Dutch, available until september the 15th) has vouchers that act like credit cards*.

*Pre-paid credit cards always need to have a value of 1$ more then your pledge amount to work.

You will have to check the campaign once its live to see what kind of reward you would like to go for, and get a visa pre paid card that covers that amount+ any shipping costs.

Just like with a normal credit card;  if we don’t reach our funding goal, you will not be charged and can spend it on buying us tissues 😛

Thank you for reading! And we look forward to seeing you in the Kickstarter comment section!

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