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Busy Busy Busy – An Update

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First off: let it be known we have been very very busy at the office…. and proceed to giving you the update on development you deserve.

Busy is good news! Although there is also some ‘bad’ news that goes with it. The good news being we are still around as a studio, we’ve got lots of work to do, and this helps ensure a future for the Team and thus for Woven. The ‘bad’ news is that keeping the studio up leaves us with less time to devote to Woven.
So the core team has been working on projects for clients, while slowly but surely building up a budget for Woven.

Also good news is that the whole of the pre alpha code was made into a more solid version we use as a framework for ‘Stuffy’s Hideout’ a standalone creature creator. Launching it has been postponed because deadlines for our clients got prioritized. However, somewhere this summer we plan on fixing the last bugs and launching it for those fans out there that are patiently waiting on us to finish the game.

Stuffy's Hideout big feature is you'll be able to snap fotos of Stuffy with Glitch!

Stuffy’s Hideout big feature is you’ll be able to snap photos of Stuffy with Glitch!

Good news as well is the fact that a lot of our free time gets slotted into working on Woven. Over the course of the last few months we have had really good in-depth design sessions that have helped us update the design, the story, world and chapter content. We know a lot more about the final game now than we did during the Kickstarter.

Dominic and Vincent discussing how many different skills we would be able to build.

Dominic and Vincent discussing the different skills we would be able to build.

And even when the core team is working on other stuff, we do have 3D modelers creating 3D content and programmers that prototype gameplay and puzzles alongside us! These elements should help reducing the budget we need to actually start, and eventually finish making the game. So we’ve been prototyping a waterslide game element, as well as trying out different control schemes that could help other ways of movement into the game.
We’re also working out the exact visual style of our machine creatures and I’m really happy with the critters our 3D modeler is making:

Glitch will be able to scan the patterns on the wings, if you are fast enough...

Glitch will be able to scan the patterns on the wings, if you are fast enough…

Summarizing, releasing Woven is still a long way off, and not even 100% certain at this point, but the good news is that, although slow, there certainly is progress, and we’ve got lots of 3D work we are able to show you as our efforts continue.

We can now show our models on sketchfab, so you can rotate the models around! Its very cool. You can check out our page here: sketchfab.com/Alterego_Games, it will receive an update regularly. On top of that we’ll be showing most of the models on our Facebook and Twitter channel on saturdays.

First visual test of our metal beetle creature.

First visual test of our metal beetle creature.

Thank you for keeping up to date, and if you have any questions, make them known to us!  😉

With kind regards,

Matt & The Woven Team.

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