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What is Woven about?

Woven is a puzzle adventure game in which you explore a seemingly safe world that is made out of wool, where stuffed animals live. In the game you join Stuffy and Glitch on their adventure. Stuffy is a stuffed animal elephant and Glitch is a robot firefly. Stuffy and Glitch have become friends and decide to travel together. They learn that together they can do so much more then either could do alone!

The game is relaxing, and story driven. You have to solve puzzles and will meet lots of special creatures. The game also has a dark side, which will become more clear as the story unravels. Not trying to give away too much… there are metal creatures, endangering the woven world!


Main gameplay:

Stuffy will face a lot of obstacles and sometimes Stuffy’s heavy elephant feet or clumsy arms simply won’t be able help you. Once Glitch has scanned a new creature, you will  gain a blueprint you can use in a knittingmachine. There you can reknit Stuffy and combine body-parts which each give unique abilities. Finding and combining the right blueprints is a major part of gameplay in Woven.  An elephant with rabbit legs would for instance be able to push things with his arms, but also jump over rocks with its legs. Simple puzzles will only require one or two abilities, but the more challenging ones may require you to use more and to be used at the right moment.