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Support Woven!

You can support our game in many ways. The first is to join the community and talk with us on:
Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and instagram. We will post our Twitch schedules on Facebook and Twitter, and on twitch of course. Join the newsletter to make sure you are kept posted.

Another way is to download the demo, wishlist the game on steam, and give us feedback in the steam community page (or any of our other channels).

The demo is of course still pre-alpha, as we now focus on developing the final game.
Get the demo for free here:


Because of a frequent request we have incorporated another way to help us out. You can donate to us with the paypal button below.  We promise that the money raised will go into developing Woven. If and when the game is developed you’ll get a special place in the credits of course!

Because this way we don’t have to pay taxes or Kickstarter fees, the amount we ask is lower then we asked on Kickstarter.
We want to stress that untill the counter is at 100% we cannot make any promises of course.