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In a world consisting solely out of wool, cotton and fabrics, you control a mysterious little metal robot named Glitch and his friend Stuffy, a stuffed animal in the shape of an elephant.
Together you set out to unravel the mystery of Glitch’s origin and discover things both amazing and terrifying.

The game

In Woven, you customize your character to get around or across obstacles. You will face a lot of obstacles and rough terrain, and sometimes, Stuffy’s heavy elephant feet or clumsy arms won’t help you. You will need to find blueprints of different animal shapes, and reknit Stuffy so he can overcome the obstacles. Elephant arms are strong, but Ape hands allow you to climb! Finding and combining the right blueprints is an important game mechanic in Woven. The game also features a fully voiced narrator guiding the player.


– Customize Stuffy, with different body parts and 100+ different fabrics.
– Lots of different animal blueprints, each with its own skillset.
– A huge and colorful world to discover.
– 5 areas with each their own ambiance, obstacles, soundtrack, story and filled with hidden secrets.
– Puzzles that can be solved in different ways.
– Intuitive controls that allow you to explore the world at your leisure.
– An amazing story, all told through rhyme by the loveliest voice.

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