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The Woven team

All three of us are passionate game developers that like thinking outside the box. With Woven we try to create a unique and emotional experience that appeals to a broad audience.

How it started

The origin of Woven lies with Vincent da Silva, founder of Digital Forest and a dear friend to the founders of Alterego Games. As ‘project Stuffies’ the game was at first designed to create a digital sanctuary filled with stuffed animals inspired by toys with detachable arms and legs. A world of wool with soft knitted hills and neatly quilted rocks. A place of wonder, adventure; a comfy and cozy place that invites you to get lost in.

Vincent met and befriended Dominic and Matthijs from Alterego Games and invited them into the world he had created. The world started to develop and started to take shape at the core. It is from here that the story of Woven was spun. A story and experience we gladly share with you. As Vincent once invited Matthijs and Dominic into his world, we together now invite you into the world of Woven.


Vincent da Silva

Gamedesigner, artist, developer, creative director, all-father of the project


Dominic de Graaf

Developer, user experience designer and office cuddlebear


Matthijs Kramer

Storyteller, interface designer and communications-general-ask-me-if-you-have-any-questions-at-all guy